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"It is my pleasure to recommend Randi Gellibert/RKG talent. I have worked with her for many years and she is a complete professional and a delight to work with. Randi has placed many of our employees from entry-level to senior executives. With her unique abilities and passion for her work, she knows how to find great talent and how to get a candidate to present themselves well. There have been times when our CEO has personally requested Randi to work on our most critical searches. RKG talent is a great way for her to lend her valuable knowledge and expertise to everyone."
-Claudine Jorgensen, VP of HR, Oscar de la Renta, LLC

"I've worked with Randi for many years and have found her professionalism to be faultless. She instinctively understands her clients' needs and through a wide and efficient network, she submits only the most suitable candidates for a given position. RKG talent now provides Randi with the platform she needed to exceed her clients and candidates' expectations. I look forward to many more years of working with Randi Gellibert and RKG talent!!
-Isabelle Fabian, Vice President, North America, Bonpoint

"I have the great privilege of working with Randi, as she consistently delivers quality candidates who fit whatever criteria I request. She develops relationships within her field, and has earned the respect of not only her colleagues, but also of her clients. She is a delight to interact with, and a wealth of market related knowledge. Randi has my highest recommendation, as well as my deepest respect and gratitude for all of the wonderful people she has and continues to place for me."
- Leena Gurevich, Director of Marketing & Events, Accessories Council

"Randi is an absolute professional in this business. She has a wealth of knowledge that stems from her own retail background. As a previous co-worker, I have seen Randi in action and she goes above and beyond the necessary steps to please a client. Randi and I have become industry colleagues and I will not make a career move without consulting her to this day. She gives smart and professional advice. RKG talent is a great way for Randi to work directly with her clients/candidates and connect outstanding candidates with her clients."
-Dana Toor, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Delta Galil Industries